April Zine!


Latest issue of my zine.  It is full of a bunch of one liners accompanied by art.  I was like what if I wrote motivational messages for people.  So I wrote out five of them.  Jump to much later when I was sorting through the content I had gathered for the zine.  I had a cluster of drawings and I thought well this would be good with some text to go with it.  In I threw one of the lines and well the rest of the zine compiled from there.  Most of the other content was tossed out, because these were just so enjoyable.  If you would like to read it, you can get in touch with me via email. ladypajama@gmail.com       or you can go to etsy.  Or to my patreon.  Where if you sign up as a patron you can read all the zine I have posted on there, including this issue.  This issue is particularly cool on patreon because I scanned it in color.  So instead of looking like my print zine it looks like the originals.

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March Zine


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I got in the Newspaper

I am not sure how long this link will work.  but here is the article.


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Tiny Art Show


My art show went well.  It was well attended despite a blizzard.  <3artshowpicture

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Blah Blah Blah v14 issue 2


Here is the cover of my my most recent issue of Blah Blah Blah.  Would you like to read it?  Subscribe by becoming a patron on patreon.  https://www.patreon.com/ladypajama

Or just buy this zine on my etsy.

This issue is a list of some of the best stuff that happened to me in 2018 and one poem.  <3

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March Art Show

I am having an art show on March 1st.  It is in my friend Tricia’s speech therapy office.  It is right downtown Missoula during First Friday, which is Missoula’s big art walk every month.  But I don’t expect too big of a turn out since it is in a place that has never had an art show before.  But it is going to be a chill fun night.  I am going to do readings of my zine every hour on the hour.  And I am going to bring Jorge’s portable record player and play some vinyl records.  We are going to serve tea and be special and intimate.  It is going to be nice.

I also just booked a show for June first friday!  It is going to be in a medical marijuana dispensary.  Ha!  I am excited.

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September zine

You can subscribe to my zine really easily.  There is even an option to get it digitally if you aren’t into receiving mail.  Click here.bbbsept2018_front

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October Art show

flyer for oct18


Artist Statement:

As artists we often create a formula for our work.  We have a piece of art that really works, and then we ask ourselves “how did we create this?” and then we make more art with that formula with the hopes that we will create more art that works and speaks to people.  Unfortunately for me what really works with my art is that I am constantly exploring and changing and emoting with my work.  So if I find a formula that works my art has a tendency to become bland and not what I want.  With my title piece “Lesson Learned” this exact thing happened for me.  I created this piece in the same way that I had created a few of the other pieces in this show.  But it was lacking.  I sent an image to my friend who I often bounce ideas off of, and she asked for the motivation for the piece.  I realized I didn’t have one.  I just wanted to make a series of these portraits.  And so I reworked the piece and a lesson was learned.

I was going to try to put an image of that piece in here, but I can’t get it to work.  darn thing anyway.


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I have been in a poetry class all last month.  It was totally wonderful.  I made way to much content to fit in all in my zine.  So I am putting some of the extra here and on my Patreon.  I couldn’t figure out how to not have be double spaced between the lines.  But it doesn’t matter that much.  <3


I study



Netflix’s list of romance movies

your face when you passionately explain something


I study my town

how the streets meet

where they lead us

what is changing how it is changing

I study the weekly newspaper

every article every week

I study nature

when I can — when I think to.

I study myself

the most

a constant study

what do I feel where do I feel

what did I eat what should i eat

did I take my vitamins I think I forgot

should i just skip a day

it is good to skip a day.

or is it?

 I study my friends

and I study my kid

I learn about him every day

and I wonder what it will be like

when he is unavailable to me

a world of his own.

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Walking to School

This is my October zine.  I love it so much.  It is my favorite zine in a really long time.  It is pretty simple, it is one poem about walking Jorge to school.  I love it so much I thought about posting all the content on this blog.  I might.  It is also a photo essay of the walk to school taken with my fuji instax (which is basically a modern day polaroid).

bbbcoverv11i10You can purchase a copy on etsy.

You can also subscribe.

So when I was posting it to etsy I realized that it is supposed to be volume 12, not 11.  And then I realized that the majority of the zines I have made this year I have put volume 11 on, not 12.  It is so weird to not be mindful of that.  To not remember.  I don’t know it is weird.  Maybe I have been making this zine for to long.

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