Hike 2 – Woods Gulch


This hike is a hard one.  It is all up hill.  I picked it partly for this reason and partly because it is a very shady hike and it was a hot day.

I wanted to get an early start, but I also wanted to make experimental pancakes this morning.  And Jorge and Aaron were leaving for Butte for the day, and there is just something as a wife and mother that I wanted to see them off on their journey, so I didn’t end up getting up there till after 1pm.

It was hot and hard and I so wanted to make it all the way to the top of the ridge, but I started getting too wiped out and decided to turn around.  I am glad I did because before I got back my legs were turning into jelly.  Shaking and everything.

I think I only went 2 miles after looking at the map and stuff, but I think that it ok because I gave it my all.  I wanted it to be a little hard because I am hopefully back packing on Monday and I wanted to get in the groove for it.  I say hopefully because I also have jury duty that day.  Every time I have ever had jury duty it has been cancelled the last minute, so I decided it would be too sad to cancel the backpacking trip we have been planning since February.  If jury duty isn’t cancelled I am just going to make everyone go without me.  I doubt they would pick me to be on a jury anyway, and I could go meet everyone.

Hence the experimental pancakes.  How can I make my favorite pancakes without a banana and almond milk.  I think I figured it out.


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Hike: Week 1 – Stuart Peak Trail

I recently read the book Julie & Julia about a girl who made every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and, well, it inspired me.  I want to do a project that isn’t my art or my zine.  I was like, NOT an art or writing project!!  After weeks of thought I decided to do a hike a week out of my Missoula Hiking book.   The rules of the project are as follows. 1. Try to go it alone (but since I am a mom and a busy girl I can cheat if absolutely necessary).  2. Must make a blog post about each hike within 24 hours of the hike.  The quality of blog post can be poor.  No one is reading this.  This is for me. (so is this a writing project?)  3. Must be a hike out of the book.

Hike1springgulchNot only am I doing this hiking project, but also this week I decided to do a weird cleanse thing where when I wake up I have to drink 16oz of water with a whole lemon squeezed into it.  And then I drink 16oz of celery juice and then 16oz of water before I can eat anything.  And then I am only supposed to eat fruit.  So it is hours and hours each morning until I have my much needed coffee.  I knew that if I waited until after I could consume coffee I wouldn’t get out the door until late in the afternoon.  I worked till 1a.m. last night, so I slept in until 11a.m.  I was hell bent on getting out that door.  Celery juice and water and fruit all packed.

My no coffee brain forgot about another super essential, sunblock.  Also, a hat.  But luckily I had an extra hat in the car.  I was sitting there at the trailhead after ransacking my car looking for sunblock, I was like do I just not do this today?  But decided I would just make it short.  I can sort of feel when I am starting to burn.  So off I went.  The sun was hot and I didn’t make it very far before I decided to duck down to the creek.  The trail I was heading for is just off the main corridor of the Rattlesnake trail.  I touched the creek and felt its magic.  I sat for a moment.  The spot reminded me of my friend Laurie who passed away last summer.  We once sat in that very place and did a writing exercise.  Anyway, I cried a little.  I decided to take my hair down to save my neck from burning.  I dipped my hat in the creek and rubbed some mud on my shoulders and then carried on down the trail.


Last Fall I went to a panel at the Missoula Festival of the Book where they talked about how solo walking fed their writing and how they needed it to write well.  Well, I walk a bit by myself around town.  But I do not remember the last time I walked in the woods alone.  It felt so good.  To move when I wanted to move, to stop when I wanted to stop, to let my mind wander and think.  I guess we will find out if it feeds my writing.

It wasn’t long before I realized that if I didn’t head back soon I would indeed be burned and looped back.  I think I might have went 2 miles if that.  But, it was a good first hike of this project.

And the coffee was dang good when I got back.




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Dear Fingernails

dear fingernails,

I am glad I don’t chew on you any more.
I am glad I just pick at you.
I am sorry they are tattered and ragged,
from eating pistachios.



*this poem was written for my last zine, but didn’t make it in for lack of space

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Blahx3 volume 15 issue 3

Wow, these are some crazy times we are living in.  Here is my newest zine.  And I have every intension to post some outtakes from this zine on this here blog.  But for now here is the cover to my march zine

bbbv15is3_cover 1

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Volume 15

Holy moly!  I can’t believe I am starting volume 15 of my zine.  If you would have asked me me 14 years ago if I would still be doing this now, I would be all like, “no way!” 

I am super grateful to my zine.  It keeps me creating.  And I have to keep thinking of ways to make those 8 small pages interesting to people who have been reading it the entire time.  That is a thing right there.  

For some reason this isn’t letting me insert a picture.  

sometimes technology just sucks.


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Naughty AND Nice

An Art show!!!  This  will be a buy and take sort of show.  So that you can give art as gifts.
All of my old art will be 50% off of the original price.


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Horses at Radius Holiday show


This piece and four others are in the radius holiday show.  Two of them already sold which makes me feel good.  The radius gallery is in downtown Missoula.horses

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April Zine!


Latest issue of my zine.  It is full of a bunch of one liners accompanied by art.  I was like what if I wrote motivational messages for people.  So I wrote out five of them.  Jump to much later when I was sorting through the content I had gathered for the zine.  I had a cluster of drawings and I thought well this would be good with some text to go with it.  In I threw one of the lines and well the rest of the zine compiled from there.  Most of the other content was tossed out, because these were just so enjoyable.  If you would like to read it, you can get in touch with me via email. ladypajama@gmail.com       or you can go to etsy.  Or to my patreon.  Where if you sign up as a patron you can read all the zine I have posted on there, including this issue.  This issue is particularly cool on patreon because I scanned it in color.  So instead of looking like my print zine it looks like the originals.

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March Zine


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I got in the Newspaper

I am not sure how long this link will work.  but here is the article.


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