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First Friday Art Show

Hey guys!!!  I am going to have an art show on September 4th.  It will be at Butterfly Herbs here in Missoula.  It will be up all month, so check it!!!!

smalldudeThis Guy will be in the art show.

heeyahmuthafuckerAnd so will this guys.   These two guys I made prints of.  11×17  and only $20.  I will have them at my art show, so bring some cash and bring them home.  All my friend that are out of state, let me know, and we can figure how much they would cost to ship.

Big hearts and love to everyone!!!  See you on Friday!!

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Alley Walls This Time

Did most of this while having a visual migraine.  woohooo.  So I used a doily as a stencil.  And then drew with oil paint sticks.  This is just part of a bigger mural downtown Missoula.  In the alley next to the Catalyst.

IMG_7435 IMG_7437 IMG_7440

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drawing on walls


I just drew all over a wall in a soon to be coffee shop.  and i love it.  it only took me like 2 hours.  and I am sitting here staring at it, trying to make sure it is done.  also feeling a little weird it didn’t take me longer.  I just want it to be the best you know.

deep breath.

Photo on 8-18-15 at 1.12 PM

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In the studio

Working in the studio on art.  And it is so easy for me to get stopped after finishing a piece or two.  I just feel like I don’t have any endurance when it comes to this.  I think this comes from so much starts and stops.  I rarely get more than a passing moment to work on my art.

I have some serious deadlines coming up, so I am purposefully getting a babysitter once or twice a week just so I can work on art stuff.

I’ll bring my camera to the studio tomorrow so that I can post pictures for the pieces I did today.

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Mother’s Day Malaise

I drew this on Mother’s day.  I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal.  I was lethargic and super depressed.  It sucked, especially since it was mother’s day.  So I did this piece of art and felt better.Mother'sdaymalaise

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I did some drawing last night while watching a cheesy movie.

drawing2may2015 drawingmay2015They will probably end up in the next issue of my zine.


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Growing Song

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New Xmas Cards

xmas cardsHere is my new xmas card design.  Find it and others at the Voncommon tomorrow from 12-6pm.  1909 Wyoming #7 , Missoula, Mt.

All my cards are $3 or 2 for $5.  If you are from out of town and want to make an order let me know and we can talk about prices.

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xmas insanity

can you believe it is already time to get ready for xmas.  I have three notable sale type things worth noting.  I will list them sequentially.

1. Art show at the radius.  I already posted about this, but one of my pieces sold.  So a new one is hanging the gallery.  So if you live in Missoula you might as well attend.


ladypajama_ruseI am not sure which one of these pieces they hung.  But they are going to have a first friday opening, so if you are walking around missoula on friday you should check it.  I unfortunately will not be there myself, as I will be working.

2. Art Blizzard at VonCommon.  So I will be selling my art and xmas cards and doing live portraits at my art collective’s annual winter sale.  Saturday Dec. 6th 12-6pm.  1909 Wyoming #7.  It will be an epic hang out session as well.  So please come hang.  I think I will bring all the makings for hot toddies.

3. MADEfair.  this event is huge and insane.  Totally worth checking out.  It is on Dec 14th at the Adam’s Center.  I will have all my lovely merch and I will be drawing portraits.  First portrait is half price.

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