Mini Documentary about me!!!

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March Zine


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Zine Town

“Ladypajama’s zine is one of my favorite things to get in the mail each month! I never know what will be in the zine. But every time, I’m delighted by its content. Sometimes it’s a series of poems. Sometimes it’s a thoughtful essay with reflections about life. Sometimes it’s a collection of drawings. But it’s always something that sinks into my soul and makes me reread the zine again to savor it again and again and again. This is because Ladypajama zine is always full of authentic purity that expresses such universal thoughts that tug at your heart. Subscribe today to Ladypajama’s zine! I hope you fall in love with her writing and art and become a ten-year-long subscriber like me!”  - Jenny Messerle, author of I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace


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Hello Internet!


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It has recently been brought to my attention that I have been failing at posting my art on this here website.  These two pieces are currently up at the ZACC in Missoula.


He is super cute isn’t he!!




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v16. is 10


This is a spread from my zine.
I feel like i should frame it and put it next to my bedside
such a good reminder.

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bbb_v16is7_coverandbacksmallThis is the cover of my July 2021 issue of Blah blah Blah.  It is the front and the back laid out flat so you can see the whole drawing.  In mid July we went on a three day backpacking trip to Baker Lake.  It was a little smokey and I said to the boys (Aaron, Jorge, My dad) if we don’t go now we aren’t going backpacking this year.

In the zine I write nothing about this trip because instead I published a piece I worked very hard on about my yoga practice.  Ha.  Such is life.

You can buy this issue here.

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Rock Creek

rockcreeklandscapeThis maybe isn’t my best drawing of a creek bank.  But when I sat next to Rock Creek with my son Jorge and we drew what was around us it felt really good.  This was supposed to be on the last page of my zine this month, but when I went to photocopy the zine, I was supposed to bring my journal and photocopy this page and stick it in the layout.  But I forgot.  Such is life.  I was just excited to get my zine out.  Things have been awesome but busy.  Just work and summer adventures and then more work and more summer adventures.

I kinda miss my hiking project I did last year.  I need to find more reasons to post on this lovely little website I have.

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Hike 13 – Blue Mountain Again!

I hadn’t talked to Courtney Blazon since March.  Wow.  March.  We finally connected and decided we should do a social distanced hike together.  She suggested Blue Mountain, and even though I had just gone there on my last hike I agreed because it is so vast.  There are so many trails.

Here is a little map of the area.  The blue is where Jorge and I hiked last time and the pink is where I think Courtney and I hiked.  I am not entirely sure because I was too busy talking to pay attention.


Courtney brought both her dogs.  Blue Mountain in general reminds me of a kids book that we read to Jorge a bunch when he was small.  In it all these things happen with these dogs, but at the end they see a huge tree in the distance.  What is up in that tree? It asks, and when the guys climb up there on the top there is a party.  “A big dog party.”   Blue Mountain reminds me of a big dog party.

It was so good to see Courtney.  We talked like we had just seen each other.  I love that about good friends.  There is no awkward reacquainting.

We found two empty chairs.

emptychairsinthewoodsAnd then filled them.

courtneyanddogsIt was so good to see a friend.  I really should be planning more hikes like this.  But dang it feels hard.  Why does everything feel so hard lately.  I am truly worried about winter.  Worried it is going to swallow me.  Worried it is going to suck the marrow out of my bones and I will be hollow and fragile.  I don’t know how to prepare myself.  How do I reinforce an already weak me?

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