A poem

I was digging through a notebook and found a writing exercise I did this summer.  I was impressed by it and decided to type it up.

Growing Song

faces denote the places
growing song

and I may be wrong
but I can feel your face
peeling back
scrunching back
I can feel your face
becoming a different face

the places we have been
all of them denote
a different melody
a different way of being
a different message
a different meaning

and in the song we all
have our own interpretation
whether it is philosophical
or rhythmic
whether it is mental
or physical

you dance about the room
and I wonder about
the placement
of a certain adjective
Does it change anything?

your face
my face
are they becoming one
in wonderment

thinking and knowing
so different
yet so similar

and I can’t help
but wonder
when my idea
will become your dance
and vice a versa
and we will roll
into the future.

written 8/24/10

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  1. (Sergio) says:

    I love this poem. Love it.

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