Stuff and more stuff

This website does not look anything like i want it to yet.  But it is a start.  I am learning little bit by little bit.

I am so much more focused on my art right now.  I am working on getting everything ready for the holiday season.  I am doing to holiday bazaars.  One, is on first friday and in a bar.  should be fun, if I don’t let  myself get to sloppy.  The second is the MADE fair and is totally a big deal.  It gets lots of traffic.  I wish I would have had more time to sew things or silk screen things.  I guess there is still time.  but my main focus is getting my calendar done.  I have only made it to may so far.

My mind likes to wander to all the amazing possibilities while i am writing.  Like I was just thinking.  It wouldn’t be to hard to come up with a stuffed animal pattern, and throw 10 – 15 of them together before then.  hmmm.  we shall see.

alright, I am going to try to make this website look a little better.  Wish me luck!

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