Oh man, it is the season to start scrambling to make xmas cards and merch for Holiday sales.  I really need to figure out a way to send myself an email or set an alarm or something that arrives in September, and it would say, “Start getting ready for xmas NOW!!!!”

Because starting in November is really never enough time.

Anyway, I got a bunch of stuff happening. If you live in Missoula I hope you can check them all out.

1.  I have two pieces in a show at the radius gallery.  It is open all month.

2.  Voncommon is doing our Art Blizzard which is basically a little hip art market in our warehouse space. Here is the FB event.

3. MADEfair happens on Dec 12th at the Adams Center.

I will be drawing portraits at the Art Blizzard and the MADEfair if you are into that sort of thing.

And I am working on a xmas card design who’s main selling point is using the f-word.

Oh I better put a picture in here or it will be boring right….. this is one of the pieces at the radius.

how i feel

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