Traveling Nowhere

In July 2008, I was still part of a zine collaborative here in Missoula called Slumgullion.  Debby Florence was the creator and main organizer of the group.  We had just started renting a space at the newly opened ZACC building and Debby wanted to do a 24 hour zine challenge event.  I was all about it.  But unfortunately the event ended up being on a weekend I was leaving town.  So I decided to go the Slumgullion space the weekend before and make my zine, with out having a crowd around.  I brought a box full of ephemera and art supplies, and on a little table in the middle of the room, I spent six hours making a 24 page zine.

Despite being asked to put the originals into an art show, and sell them.  I decided I couldn’t do that because I would not be able to make more color copies of the zine in the future.  Now three years later.  I have decided that I will stop production of color copies of the zine and sell all of the originals.  This is sort of a big deal for me.  This is probably my favorite zine that i have ever made.  The idea of taking it apart and selling the pieces is a little disturbing, but I also feel that it necessary.   It is time to move on.

So my plan is to post a page a week on my etsy store.

Link to first page posted.

Link to color copy of zine.

Link to black and white version of zine.

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