10 Year Anniversary of Making my Zine

So ten years ago I moved to Albuquerque and started publishing my zine.  The year before I met a girl who published a “weekly” zine.  I put it in quotations because she really didn’t seem to put it out weekly, more like every 10 days to two weeks.  I was really inspired by how she did it, and was totally like, “I could do that.”  So I started a weekly zine I called “ladypajama is _______.”  Each issue I filled in the blank.  Six months later I changed the name to Blah Blah Blah and started doing it Biweekly (once every two weeks).   And like, three years later I started doing it monthly.

When I started it, I never thought I would still be doing it 10 years later.  To be honest I am kinda in shock that it has been ten years.   I plan to keep doing it because it keeps me going and keeps me creative.  Although sometimes I feel like I fall in a depth of blahing completely fitting the name.

But, I have a goal, and that is to make a comp book.  I will be going through all my zines and picking 30 issues to compile into a book.  Then of course the hard part will be scanning all the pages and laying the book out.

Here is the cover of my latest issue.  You can subscribe here.


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