There is Always More Paper – a pop-up art show – may 6th

tiamp art show flyer


So I was walking around Missoula yesterday, putting flyers in places flyers go.  I ran into so many people I know and love.  It was really nice.  I was promoting this show, “There is Always More Paper.”  After handing an acquaintance my flyer I realized how terrible it sounds.  ”There is always more paper, just let me kill some more trees.”  Which of course is not how I meant it.  Here is what I wrote about it:

“In this show ladypajama celebrates a common theme in her art. Instead of trying to create a certain image, she instead sits down to make art with no real destination and just lets herself go. In doing this she lets herself create whats in her soul. And the belief is that if it sucks she can just get another piece of paper.”

Also I want every one to know that I do not waste paper.  Every piece that doesn’t turn out goes into a box that I use to collage other art out of.  Sometimes I just paint white over whatever I do not like and then try again.

Anyway, if you are in Missoula come to my show on first friday.  It is one night only!!!


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