Walking to School

This is my October zine.  I love it so much.  It is my favorite zine in a really long time.  It is pretty simple, it is one poem about walking Jorge to school.  I love it so much I thought about posting all the content on this blog.  I might.  It is also a photo essay of the walk to school taken with my fuji instax (which is basically a modern day polaroid).

bbbcoverv11i10You can purchase a copy on etsy.

You can also subscribe.

So when I was posting it to etsy I realized that it is supposed to be volume 12, not 11.  And then I realized that the majority of the zines I have made this year I have put volume 11 on, not 12.  It is so weird to not be mindful of that.  To not remember.  I don’t know it is weird.  Maybe I have been making this zine for to long.

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