I have been in a poetry class all last month.  It was totally wonderful.  I made way to much content to fit in all in my zine.  So I am putting some of the extra here and on my Patreon.  I couldn’t figure out how to not have be double spaced between the lines.  But it doesn’t matter that much.  <3


I study



Netflix’s list of romance movies

your face when you passionately explain something


I study my town

how the streets meet

where they lead us

what is changing how it is changing

I study the weekly newspaper

every article every week

I study nature

when I can — when I think to.

I study myself

the most

a constant study

what do I feel where do I feel

what did I eat what should i eat

did I take my vitamins I think I forgot

should i just skip a day

it is good to skip a day.

or is it?

 I study my friends

and I study my kid

I learn about him every day

and I wonder what it will be like

when he is unavailable to me

a world of his own.

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