October Art show

flyer for oct18


Artist Statement:

As artists we often create a formula for our work.  We have a piece of art that really works, and then we ask ourselves “how did we create this?” and then we make more art with that formula with the hopes that we will create more art that works and speaks to people.  Unfortunately for me what really works with my art is that I am constantly exploring and changing and emoting with my work.  So if I find a formula that works my art has a tendency to become bland and not what I want.  With my title piece “Lesson Learned” this exact thing happened for me.  I created this piece in the same way that I had created a few of the other pieces in this show.  But it was lacking.  I sent an image to my friend who I often bounce ideas off of, and she asked for the motivation for the piece.  I realized I didn’t have one.  I just wanted to make a series of these portraits.  And so I reworked the piece and a lesson was learned.

I was going to try to put an image of that piece in here, but I can’t get it to work.  darn thing anyway.


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