Hike 2 – Woods Gulch


This hike is a hard one.  It is all up hill.  I picked it partly for this reason and partly because it is a very shady hike and it was a hot day.

I wanted to get an early start, but I also wanted to make experimental pancakes this morning.  And Jorge and Aaron were leaving for Butte for the day, and there is just something as a wife and mother that I wanted to see them off on their journey, so I didn’t end up getting up there till after 1pm.

It was hot and hard and I so wanted to make it all the way to the top of the ridge, but I started getting too wiped out and decided to turn around.  I am glad I did because before I got back my legs were turning into jelly.  Shaking and everything.

I think I only went 2 miles after looking at the map and stuff, but I think that it ok because I gave it my all.  I wanted it to be a little hard because I am hopefully back packing on Monday and I wanted to get in the groove for it.  I say hopefully because I also have jury duty that day.  Every time I have ever had jury duty it has been cancelled the last minute, so I decided it would be too sad to cancel the backpacking trip we have been planning since February.  If jury duty isn’t cancelled I am just going to make everyone go without me.  I doubt they would pick me to be on a jury anyway, and I could go meet everyone.

Hence the experimental pancakes.  How can I make my favorite pancakes without a banana and almond milk.  I think I figured it out.


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