Spencer Doll

I was fucking off, reading the internet and stuffing my face when Spencer showed up.  He was part drunk, part tired.  He was coming to my house to take a nap.  But since I was there he didn’t want to sleep anymore.  We started talking about art and some of the projects I am working on.  He was telling me how he used to draw things, but now he didn’t and that he needed something or someone to get him to do it.  “You need motivation,” I told him.  “Yeah, maybe,” he replied.  But you can tell that he is at that point in his life where he hasn’t decided what path to take yet.  It is that mid twenties just out of college condition where you ask yourself almost every day, “what next?”  And poor Spencer doesn’t have the answer.  And I didn’t have an answer either.  So I told him about how I wanted to make moveable paper dolls.  I showed him an artist on etsy that has a few.   And I told him I have been wanting to make them for years, but for some reason I just have a mental block on making them.

And then I had a bright idea.  Lets make moveable dolls right now.  I got out some cardstock and some sharpees.  I could not decide what to draw.  What animal?  What person?  What monster?  I sat paralysed in the moment of decision making.  What do I make?  Then I looked over at Spencer and it seemed obvious, a Spencer Doll.

I told him I was going to make a Spencer Doll.  “Just don’t make it with a beer in its hand,” he didn’t demand, or ask, it was more of a plee.  More like he was saying don’t write my fate for me.  Don’t help me choose the path of beer and nothingness.  So I didn’t.  Not that I would anyway, because I am hoping that I will be able to sell it to kids.

The guitar was an afterthought.  I copied it from Aaron.  He came home half way through our crafting adventure and said, “I want to make a Spencer doll too!”  Aaron’s had a beer and guitar in Spencer’s paper hands.

And so here it is.  It doesn’t even really look like Spencer.  And you probably don’t even know who Spencer is.  But it is awesome, and you know you want one.

please visit my etsy store to purchase one of your own.

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