Sketchbook Project

I am taking part of the sketchbook project .  My good friend Nathan Carter did it last year, and it was so inspiring to see his work that I wanted to do it to.  I think in away it wasn’t the project itself but the fact that I want my art to be as awesome as his.  I envy his talent.  I have been having issues lately where I am just not loving my art as much as I usually do.  The reason I make art is that when I draw something, I usually love it.  Like ridiculously love it.  It will be a distorted human form with a retarded looking animal and I’ll be like, “Look what I made!”  And I will love it.  Seriously love it.  And so when I make art, and I don’t like what I am doing, I just don’t see the point.  You know what I mean?  Why do it at all?  But the reason my art is sucking is because I am not fucking around with it as much.  I need to do it all the time.  And I need to play with it.  And I need to not care if it sucks.  I just need to do it.

Anyway, so here I am doing my own sketchbook, and I was really hating it at first.  Just thinking, “God, I am going to end up sending this in and is just going to be pages of suck.”  but then I started working on my calendar.  Every year I make a wall calendar that I give out for xmas gifts and sell at craft fairs and on the internets.  Working on it has just been sucking.  I need to stay focused on it to be able to get it done in time, but I am just having super bad hate when it comes to working on it.  So I have been turning to the sketchbook to scribble it out.  And things in there have been getting better as a result.   Kinda weird how that works.

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