Hike 13 – Blue Mountain Again!

I hadn’t talked to Courtney Blazon since March.  Wow.  March.  We finally connected and decided we should do a social distanced hike together.  She suggested Blue Mountain, and even though I had just gone there on my last hike I agreed because it is so vast.  There are so many trails.

Here is a little map of the area.  The blue is where Jorge and I hiked last time and the pink is where I think Courtney and I hiked.  I am not entirely sure because I was too busy talking to pay attention.


Courtney brought both her dogs.  Blue Mountain in general reminds me of a kids book that we read to Jorge a bunch when he was small.  In it all these things happen with these dogs, but at the end they see a huge tree in the distance.  What is up in that tree? It asks, and when the guys climb up there on the top there is a party.  “A big dog party.”   Blue Mountain reminds me of a big dog party.

It was so good to see Courtney.  We talked like we had just seen each other.  I love that about good friends.  There is no awkward reacquainting.

We found two empty chairs.

emptychairsinthewoodsAnd then filled them.

courtneyanddogsIt was so good to see a friend.  I really should be planning more hikes like this.  But dang it feels hard.  Why does everything feel so hard lately.  I am truly worried about winter.  Worried it is going to swallow me.  Worried it is going to suck the marrow out of my bones and I will be hollow and fragile.  I don’t know how to prepare myself.  How do I reinforce an already weak me?

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