It has been a thousand years since I posted anything here on my website.  I have thought about it, but then…. life happens.

It is that whole mom thing.  Jorge is constantly demanding my attention, so certain things fall through the cracks.

But we have been working on a really cool art series together.  I am calling it “Airplanes and Helicopters.”  It is mixed media drawings, most of them including a drawing of an airplane or a helicopter or both.  Because that is Jorge’s favorite thing to have me draw.  Some of the pieces have turned out terrific.  Now I just need to find a gallery space to show it in Missoula.

I am currently introducing Jorge to a drop in childcare center.  Soon I will be able to drop him off for multiple hours, and when that happens I feel like my art land will start to flourish again.

Here is an old piece of mine to brighten up this post!

p7 no story007

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