Portraits and Xmas insanity


drawing jackIt is that time of year where I start freaking out because I realize that the holiday craft/art fairs are approaching.  So I have been working crazy time on making christmas cards and portrait blanks.

What is a portrait blank you may ask.  Well I came up with my own style of portrait drawing, where I pre make backgrounds, and then gesso in the shape of the head.  And then at these craft fairs, or by appointment I draw in a persons face onto which ever blank they choose out of the stack.  It is pretty much awesome.

What are these amazing craft/art fairs I speak of?  Well the first is called The Art Blizzard and is at the Voncommon Art Gallery (127 E Main, Suite 316).  It is on First Friday, December 6th, I am not a hundred percent of the time, but I am guessing 5-9, I will update when I know more.  The second is the Missoula MADEfair which is on Sunday the 8th from 11am to 6pm.  It is being held at the Adam’s Center on the UM campus.  I will be selling art, xmas cards, and doing live portrait.

Prices for portraits range from $20-50 depending on size and number of people.  I can also do house calls, but you will have to add $5 onto the cost of the portrait.  If this is something you want to do, email me.  ladypajama@gmail.com.



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